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Short & Long Term Storage

Safeway International Moving & Shipping LLC warehouse is located at Dubai,Sharjah and Ajman. The site is conveniently located close to the Emirates road and easy access from any emirate of the United Arab Emirates. Purpose built in 4500 square feet, the building is of steel and concrete construction, reinforced with steel beams and is highly fire resistant. The building has monitored smoke and heat detector alarms, automatic and manual fire alarms, hand held hose reels and smoke control doors.The security system operates on passive infra red detectors, has a radio back-up transmitter if the phones are cut, and the building is regularly checked by our security company. Our building does have access for people with disabilities.

All consignments for store have a comprehensive inventory completed in the home before transportation, and this inventory is checked as the goods are unloaded into store.

Your furniture is either internationally wrapped or wrapped in furniture pads for protection. It is then loaded into our special built storage modules for security and protection and stacked neatly.

Short Term Storage In Dubai- Safewayintlshipping

Easy Storage Services in Dubai

People use self-storage for a variety of reasons, including moving, downsizing, retirement, home upgrades, and vacationing. A short term storage company in Dubai can be the ideal answer if you want a safe facility for a short period during relocation. However, if you need to keep your stuff for an extended length of time, you might choose long-term storage. In many circumstances, there are some extra elements to consider before you begin packing your belongings. We can provide competent guidance for both short-term and long-term storage due to our many years in the self-storage industry.

Services for Short-Term Storage

Anything shorter than three months is considered short-term storage. It serves as a stopgap or interim measure, giving you a little extra breathing room when you need it. Many individuals pick short term storage Dubai services because it is an easy and inexpensive way to store items securely and dry for a short period. It's great for students, travelers, and young couples moving in together, as well as families and companies relocating.

Services for Long-Term Storage

Long-term storage provides a secure location to keep belongings for an extended length of time, often more than three months. Many individuals utilize long-term storage as an extension of their home wardrobes, to tidy the garage, or to travel for longer periods, such as during a sabbatical. Long-term storage facilities provide convenient access and entire peace of mind while keeping seasonal tools for gardening, sporting goods, or furniture.

Final Comments

Whatever your purpose for renting a storage space, you can be certain that everything is securely stored. To avoid damage or harm, be sure that anything you keep is properly wrapped, packed, and transported. Whenever feasible, rent a short-term or long-term storage unit with drive-up access. This can greatly simplify packing and unpacking, especially if you have large or heavy things. When storing electronics in harsh conditions, you should consider using a climate-controlled device.

Choose Self Storage from Safeway International.

We provide climate-controlled storage to preserve your items from harsh temperatures and humidity, as well as 24-hour security features like video monitoring and electronic gate entry.
We also offer packing materials and moving assistance to make your move as simple as possible, and our educated and pleasant team is here to answer any concerns you may have and assist you in selecting the best unit for your requirements. We take pleasure in offering exceptional customer service and ensuring that our clients are happy with their storage experience.
Are you seeking reasonably priced personal storage in Dubai? You don't need to search any further as Safeway offers versatile and convenient long-term and short term storage in Dubai for almost every need. You may be a student with excess books, a traveler with extra luggage, or someone who needs to clean out the clutter in their house. Our self-storage facility is built to meet all of your storage requirements, from tiny units for a few items to big units for furniture and appliances. To learn more about our various units and services, please contact us immediately.

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