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Industrial Packing & Lashing

Industrial Packaging Solutions means that we employ systems and processes resulting from our companies ability to focus on customer needs and make the capital investments to achieve customer goals.

Providing solutions for todays Industrial Packaging challenges is not simply a matter of being able to deliver a box or a case or a carton to a customer's specifications. It is the ability to deliver a tailored solution to a specific customer problem - and those problems are not solved by offering a product. They are solved by utilising the combined knowledge of an experienced team of packaging specialists whose sole aim is to ensure the customer can focus on what they do best without having to worry about the packaging.

Are you seeking a safe yet cost-effective solution to export your valuables and assure unharmed delivery without having to worry about anything?
Since 2008, Safeway International Moving & Shipping LLC has been doing just that. With offices in Dubai and Sharjah, we are a worldwide renowned and dependable industrial packing & lashing company that can safely transport your goods from one end to the other. Our customized industrial packing & lashing services have benefited businesses in a variety of industries, including (but not limited to) the oil and gas industry, transporting industry, vessel owners and operators, electricity & energy, engineering, automobiles pharmaceutical, aeronautical & aviation industry, and others. Our mission is to be the backbone of cargo safety while also providing affordable and cost-effective solutions.

Our Industrial P&L Service Provides:

  • Skilled resources for industrial crate manufacture
  • Innovative packing solutions.
  • All staff wear basic Personal Protective Equipment and follow safety guidelines.
  • Carry out all forms of lashing and work security.
  • Riggers who are well-trained and proficient in lashing.
  • Oversize and overweight cargo securing.
  • Our approach

    Our approach is straightforward, realistic, equitable, and uncomplicated. We do what we say, and our experts go above and beyond to make it happen so you can focus on what you do best. Finally, our hassle-free securing and packaging solutions give value to your business by increasing your bottom line.

    Why choose us?

    Safeway can assist you in determining the best method for delivering your items. Transportation alternatives can be blended to match your needs and stay within your budget. Essential products, for example, can be carried by air, whilst large furniture might be shipped by sea.


    We offer services. 24 hours a day, 7 days every week..
    Our equipment fleet enables us to perform work at
    any desired place.

    Saving time

    Because there is less chance of goods moving or falling during transit, properly lashed freight may be carried more


    We can give consistent quality and a short turnaround time due to our skilled permanent personnel and self-owned machinery, tools, and materials.

    Observance of rules

    Many nations have legislation governing appropriate cargo lashing, and noncompliance can result in fines or other penalties. Our classes


    We are prepared to respond quickly. We can respond quickly to client demands because we have the correct mix of activities, cost-plus contracts, unit pricing, contract work, and projects.


    Cargo that is properly secured decreases the danger of harm to the cargo and shipping containers. It also reduces the possibility of accidents or injury during transportation. In addition, our whole team has completed the Safety 1 training course and is qualified to work safely with lift trucks and reach trucks. Furthermore, all supervisors, from the foreman to the director, must have both the Safety 1 and Safety 2 certificates.


    Good lashing is intended to limit the danger of damage, resulting in cost savings by avoiding costly repairs or replacement of damaged goods.

    Satisfaction with the customer

    We come to our clients, assess their needs, and earn their trust. It is critical for our company to efficiently manage client satisfaction. We can develop, allocate, and handle requests from current and new clients inside our well-managed organization.

    Do you have a project in mind?

    Contact us to discuss your industrial packing & lashing needs and receive customized solutions from our specialists.

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