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Whether you are moving to the UAE to start a new life, or moving from a studio apartment to a larger apartment, or making decisions to move to your dream house in Palm Jumeirah, or moving across the emirate to Abu Dhabi, We've got you covered! Safeway International Moving & Shipping LLC is the best company or the best option to provide you the best relocation services in Dubai, UAE.

Safeway Int'l Moving & Shipping LLC offers world wide door to door relocation services - be it home relocation or commercial relocation. We move all your goods irrespective of quantity and location. Our clients are just required to mention the place and we take care of everything with hassle-free door to door relocation services in UAE where all you stuff are handled by trained personnel. Also, we offer 100% security, safety and on-time delivery.

What is Our Process Of Relocation Services?

Surveys and Estimates:

Cost to overseas destinations is based on weight and (cubic) measurement of the household goods when packed for shipment. It includes air or ocean transportation charges and the process of industrial packing and lashing of the carrier's origin and destination agents. Most shipments will be shipped in 20' or 40' containers, And it doesn't include charges for storage, servicing of appliances, custom duty, liability coverage or extra pick up or deliver.


Packing for an overseas move is very different from that of a move within the UAE. Everything must be wrapped and arranged inside directly into ship containers (20 ft and 40 ft). You should NOT pack your own goods. SAFEWAY INTERNATIONAL movers use specially designed cartons that are heavy enough for fragile items. All items not boxed are and should be wrapped in a thick corrugated brown paper. Everything is then fitted into the container. We will pack and load the containers at residence (subject to truck access at your premises)

How Safeway Is One Of The Best Relocation Companies in Dubai, UAE?

Being one of the best relocation companies in Dubai, we provide a comprehensive selection of hassle-free and cost-effective local and international relocation services in Dubai, UAE to ensure that you have the peace of mind you need throughout the transition period, And This is how we do it:

Local Residential and Commercial Relocation

Every transfer requires the highest attention and professionalism, and thus we recognize that there is no such thing as a little relocation. Our skilled local movers in Dubai know every inch of the UAE like no one else. Allow us to conveniently transport your stuff from one section of the city to another. You'll be able to live comfortably in your new house in no time.

International Relocation Made Simple

Safeway International Shipping can handle any international moving request according to your demands, and all thanks to our decades of experience and a large global network. We provide a variety of services, including same-day relocation, speedy shipment, and packing for fine arts. Here's how we execute flawless door-to-door relocation services in UAE and Other Countries:

Relocation Services in Dubai with Top Relocation Companies in Dubai, UAE - Safeway Intl Shipping

  • Special arrangements: As one of the best relocation companies in Dubai, we can move anything. Our international movers can handle any size or kind of furniture. Safeway provides specialized moving services as well as bespoke relocation services in UAE to guarantee that your product arrives safely and securely.
  • Detailed Planning: Safeway's International Moving Department covers all logistics and planning. We will create a personalized relocation plan for you, complete with timetables, delivery windows, floor layouts, and deadlines that suit your specific demands.
  • International Regulations Guidance: We understand foreign norms and traditions. You can visit the International Moving FAQs for information on which products are qualified for shipping.
  • Shipping Options: Safeway's worldwide network allows international shipping because of its closeness to all major UAE ports. We provide you a wide range of options to satisfy your international moving needs, including shipments by land, sea, and air.

Best Price In The UAE Market And Other Countries For Sure!

We offer you a stress-free relocation services that includes free estimates to assist you understand moving expenses ahead of time. The first step is to create a moving estimate. It can assist you in planning your relocation, learning what to anticipate, and answering any concerns you may have. There are no hidden fees or unexpected expenditures after a quote is provided.

Best Relocation Agent Dubai: Insurance To Shield You From Unforeseen Circumstances

While we employ the most advanced facilities and technology for loading and handling precautions for your items & being the best relocation agent Dubai, we recognize that every homeowner is concerned about their assets. To alleviate these concerns, we offer all-inclusive protection for your valuables while in transit. If your possessions are lost, broken, or stolen, you are assured coverage. Safeway specializes in both residential and commercial removals. We provide high-quality relocation services at reasonable pricing, making your relocation easier and less stressful. Our planning team will design a particular strategy and timing for your move based on what our relocation agent Dubai has acquired by concentrating on local expertise and rigorous planning. On a moving day, if you have any questions, or last-minute changes force you to reschedule? or Unpacked and discovered an error? Customer assistance at Safeway International is always available. Contact Us Today to experience the local & international relocation services at the best price.

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